I have seen this time and time again with my own clients. However… The sad reality is 99% of what you read about supplements is over-hyped baloney… That is because Supplement companies own or provide advertising funding for 99% of the websites and magazines you read.

I have had clients go in (before getting my advice) and come out with over $300 worth of ‘stuff’ most of which they didn’t need! What’s wrong with this picture! Either the store reps are pushing the ‘preferred product’ with the highest commission or they just don’t know what they’re doing.

So I went home and measured my stomach and found I was in an unhealthy ‘Risk Factor’ range. I had been training hard for a year and still in an unhealthy fat range! That finally did it for me. I snapped. Something had to change. That was when I decided to work with Mark. Mark schooled me in correct supplementation and nutrition. I learnt the best foods to eat and when and which protein powders were best (I ended up chucking away the one the girl in the shop recommended because it was crap!) and which supplements were useful for quick fat burning and strength gains.

After all you’re not going to take the Average Joe’s word ‘for it’ when it comes to your body are you? It could even be a marketing rep from a supplement company posting it- it happens.

That’s all PURE LARD I have burnt off! Not only that I have built muscle at the same time! (I can lift so much more -5 x 5 reps of 120 kilograms dead lift – which is DOUBLE! what I could do previously).

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It’s most likely a combination of both. And the sad part is it’s us Gym Goers that suffer because we end up spending $100’s on crap we don’t need.

Supplement companies play with our emotions because they offer ‘quick fixes’ to get our dream body. And yes, it’s true! Correct supplementation combined with good nutrition and training will always result in massive body transformation surprisingly quickly.

I first saw through the ‘hype’ when I went into a ‘pure ingredients store’ in Melbourne, Australia. The store had all the normal supplements: Vitamins, minerals, and herbs Arginine, Creatine, Tribulus, Whey Protein, HMB, etc.

Training with and getting advice from Mark was the best decision I ever made. As I said he set me on the right path to success, and now the world’s my oyster. I am heading to the nationals in the Gold Coast for the INBA and to Sydney for the ANB nationals. I owe a huge thanks to Mark, and would highly recommend his services to anyone wanting to achieve results, look what I did!!! Attention Ladies: Who else wants to look this Hot? My client Kat transformed her body her confidence and her life by following my advice around supplementation nutrition and training! KATHERINA ANDOS, Melbourne, Victoria.

The best thing about my change is that it’s all been natural, and without diuretics or even binge dieting.

Then you can achieve results like these clients of mine… I was training hard and was still in an unhealthy ‘Risk Factor’ fat range… I had been training for about a year and was getting reasonable muscles which I was happy with. But the problem was I still had a flabby stomach fat – which I hated – and I found it almost impossible to lose.

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The best part is my supplementation and eating is sustainable – I enjoy it, it’s not like I have to deprive myself.

I really have to thank Mark Ottobre author of the Truth About Supplements for being my mentor and allowing me to achieve this.

That’s why it’s so important you read my new book The Truth about Supplements because it will give you 100% independent science based info about which supplements will really help you get your dream body…and which ones you’re wasting your hard earned cash on.

And the supplement companies are laughing all the way to the bank! As for the staff at supplement stores I am constantly amazed at the junk they recommend.

I would recommend this book to everyone and anyone who is looking to make improvements in their exercise regime, or even just developing an overall healthier lifestyle.

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