There are basically two types of blogs, the Personal Blog and the Niche Blog. Most people just starting out in blogging start with a personal blog. It’s an easy way to go while you’re learning the ropes. For one, you don’t have to do any research – who knows you personally better than you?!
And you also don’t have to stick to any one subject. You can write a post everyday about what you did the day before and you don’t have to put much time or effort into it. That gives you time to learn all of the “computer stuff” you need to know and to develop some good blogging habits before you get started with the real blogging.
However, while it’s a fine idea to start with a personal blog, it could also backfire on you. Once you start getting a lot of visitors to your blog, some of them might prefer that you always share your recipes with them. And when you write a few posts about your kid’s soccer game, and your new haircut, and the hubby’s job, then those readers may get bored and leave. Worse yet, they may even leave you a nasty comment or two!
If you’re serious about making money with a blog, the Niche Blogging is the way to go.
Niche Marketing –
A focused, targetable portion (subset) of a market sector. Wikipedia
My brother is an architect , and to him, a Niche is a little cut out corner in the wall.
Niche Blogging, or Niche Marketing is blogging about a targetable portion of a market, or a little corner of the market.
For example, in your personal blog, you may write a post about the new car you just bought and your next post might be about what color you painted the bathroom. In a Niche Blog, your whole blog would be about cars (or bathrooms). No other topics. I look at Niche blogging like this – your topic has to be one little tree in the forest, a tree that you can focus on and “target”, a tree that’s in it’s own little “corner” or spot in the forest. If you just stand back and aim your arrow off into the whole forest, you’re probably not going to hit anything. But, if you walk into the forest, and pick that one little tree, and focus on it, you’re going to blow it away!
So, in your Niche Blog, you would pick the one car that you’re really interested in and write about just that car. Because, if you’re writing about BMWs for a week, then you jump to Fords, someone may get upset or bored and leave your blog. They came there to learn about BMWs darn it!
And if you’re trying to juggle kids and housework while you’re blogging, then you’re not going to have enough time to research the difference in steering columns between the Ford and the BMW! It’s one or the other. But there’s not time for both! You don’t want to spread yourself too thin because then you won’t do justice to either topic and your readers will leave you to find better quality elsewhere.
So how do you pick a topic for your Niche Blog?
Most people go with a topic that they’re interested in. You’re more comfortable talking to someone if you’re talking about something you know. And you can find a lot more to say about something you’re interested in, too. The main priority in Niche Blogging for money is to constantly keep adding fresh, new content to your blog on a regular basis to keep your visitors interested so they’ll return – a bring a friend!
One of my blogs is about Stephen King books. But if you know anything about Stephen King, then you know that’s a very large topic. So I narrowed my Niche down further to one character – Roland Deschain. I do write about other of King’s books and characters, but I try to keep most of my blog to Roland’s Adventures.
You may be interested in crafts. But that’s a large topic, too. You could narrow it down to “Crafts for Kids” or “Christmas Crafts” or “Crafting with Clay”, etc. Or you may like to cook, another broad topic. You could narrow it down to “Healthy 20 Minute Meals” or “Recipes From My Grandmother’s Kitchen”. Some other good Niches are Dating, Kitchen Gadgets, Weight Loss, Medical Conditions/Cures, Pets, Gardening, Photography – the list is only limited by your imagination.
You want to make sure that your Niche Blog is on a topic that you could write at least 50-60 posts about before you run out of steam or things to say. Remember, you want to keep your visitors happy and entertained and informed. So you’ll have to always be adding content and building the blog. So try to come up with 5 or 6 different Niche ideas and in my next post we’ll go over how to narrow it down to one topic – the topic for your first blog!

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