You know the rush that comes from enrolling a new person into your network marketing business! Now you have the awesome resposibility of holding their hand, walking them through their first days and weeks to create their first story and reach their first income goal.

That means you should be joined at the hip with your new enrollee. I know a guy who takes this concept as far as he can go with it – he moves in with them! That’s right…he flies to the other side of the country, moves in with them for a month, and makes sure they work on building the business every hour and every day they’re awake! It’s intense, but this guy also makes about $100K/month and has broken every advancement record in our company. And, his personal enrollees have advanced faster than any others in the history of the company. Results speak for themselves!

Best Way For New Enrollee

The best way to create duplication is to show the new enrollee the ropes right away. That way, they learn it once, the learn to do it the right way, and from then on they will teach their new enrollees the same thing. Duplication at its finest! Creating Duplication in the First Month You have to really partner up with your new enrollee, which means communicating daily, and sometimes more than once a day. So, what do you do with them the first month? Make a Plan based on their Goals Focus on money making activities Do the inviting and presentations with them or for them initially Here’s what not to do in the first month: Don’t have them read the company manual Don’t make them product experts Don’t get them caught up in the ins and outs of the comp plan.

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Don’t waste time Ween Them Off You can’t have your enrollees dependent on you forever, so make sure they learn by doing. And, that means you have to step back at some point and let them do it WITH you. Then, once they can do it and feel comfortable inviting and presenting the business themselves with your support, have them do it without you there. Along the way make sure to ask how comfortable they are feeling. What areas do they need help in? Once they get comfortable in their own networking shoes, you can put them in a team with your other group members so they can work together.

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