Whether you’re looking for a discount on anything from Xbox games to an airline ticket, Microsoft Rewards offers some great deals. Microsoft is launching their Robux card which offers exclusive discounts for Microsoft Rewards members. You can use this card to get discounts on hotel rooms, groceries, and much more. So what are you waiting for? Get yours today!

How to redeem your Microsoft Rewards card

To redeem a Microsoft Rewards card, head over to https://microsoft.com/en-us/account/rewards. There you will be able to add your Microsoft account, track your purchases and redeem your Microsoft Rewards card. You can get discounts on hotel rooms, groceries, and much more with this card!

Where else can you use your Microsoft Rewards card?

The Microsoft Rewards card is just one of the many perks offered by Microsoft. You can also use your Microsoft Rewards card to purchase Xbox games and get discounts on airline tickets.

Your reward points will never expire and you’ll always enjoy great savings!

Who are the benefits of using this card?

Microsoft Rewards members are able to use the Robux card at a variety of retailers and restaurants, including Best Buy, Whole Foods, and many more. This card also offers exclusive discounts so you can save money while on the go.

If you’re a current member of Microsoft Rewards, you’ll receive your card soon. If not, sign up for Microsoft Rewards today!

What are the benefits of this card for non-members?

As a Microsoft Rewards member, you’ll be able to get exclusive discounts on hotels, grocery stores and more. The card is also a great way to save on Xbox games, movies, and much more. So if you’re not yet a Microsoft Rewards member then this card will also come in handy!

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FAQs on the Microsoft Rewards Robux card

Q: What is the card?

A: The Microsoft Rewards Robux card is a debit like card that rewards members with discounts and points.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: It costs $25. There is a $5 fee for each transaction made with your card, but no ATM fees.

Q: Where can I get one?

A: To get one, you must first have an active Microsoft account. You should then follow the prompts in the Microsoft Rewards app to order one from the Microsoft website.


Microsoft Rewards is an online program that allows you to earn Microsoft points and redeem them for rewards such as Microsoft gift cards, Xbox Live Gold subscriptions, Microsoft credit, and more.

The Rewards card is a physical card that functions as your Microsoft Rewards account. It comes in a variety of designs and can be used at a range of different retailers and online stores. Once you have earned enough points, you can use them to redeem for rewards from a list of different vendors that offer the Microsoft Rewards program.

However, the card does come with some caveats. For example, you can only redeem for the vendor that issued the card and the card must be activated before it can be redeemed. You can also only redeem the full value of the card once it is activated.