Do you have a lot of icons on your desktop and find it difficult to find the taskbar? In Windows 11, it can be really easy to hide the taskbar so you can see all your icons.

For those that are in need of a quick solution for this task, here’s how to hide the task bar, ensuring that it’s always there when you need it.

How to hide the task bar

The first step is to right-click on the task bar at the bottom of your screen and select “Toolbars.”

Next, click on the “Taskbar” option.

This will open the taskbar properties box.

Under the General tab, you’ll see a button called “Hide Taskbar.” Click that button to hide it.

Where can you find the hidden task bar?

In Windows 11, you can find the hidden task bar at the bottom of your screen. To show the hidden task bar, click on Start, then type “taskbar” into the search bar.

Alternatively, you can use your keyboard to show or hide it. Press Ctrl+Windows+T to show the hidden task bar and press Ctrl+Windows+H to hide it.

Why do I want to hide the task bar?

The task bar is easily one of the most important parts of Windows. It’s where you’ll find your notifications, clock, system tray, and quick access to your files. If you have a lot of icons on your desktop, it can be difficult to find the taskbar when you need it.

How to make the taskbar disappear

1. Go to the Start Menu, type “taskbar” and click on the search result.

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2. In Taskbar Properties, scroll down to the bottom until you see a box that says “Show taskbar icons.” Uncheck this box and then click Apply and OK.

3. Now that you’ve made sure it’s not showing any icons, scroll down to the bottom of your screen until you see a large button that says “Show hidden icons.” Click on it and then select Hidden Windows Icons in the drop-down menu that appears from there. That’s it! The task bar should now be hiding!


1. What is the taskbar?

The taskbar is a bar that appears at the bottom of your screen, usually on the left. It’s where you will find icons for apps and tasks that are running on your computer.

2. How do I hide the task bar in Windows 11?

To hide the task bar, simply press Alt + Tab to access Task View and then use these steps to switch to a window with no windows open.

3. How can I toggle between full-screen and visible apps?

You should now be in a window with only one app open and you should see three small dots next to the window title:

-This indicates that it’s in full-screen mode but you can switch back to visible mode by clicking on this button

-This button indicates that it’s visible but not in full-screen mode

-And this last button indicates that it’s neither invisible nor visible. This is what you want as when you click it, it will load your other open windows into view so they’re all visible at once!

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Windows 11 has a new feature that allows you to hide the taskbar. Sometimes it may be useful to hide the taskbar.