Some things you’ve done with your PC before are now in new places. Whenever you want to search for something, use the Search charm. From there, you can search: the app you’re in, for example, find a specific app setting, or file in the Windows Store; another app, for example, quickly look up something on the web with Internet Explorer.

1. Use Start.

The Start button and menu from previous versions of Windows have been replaced with the Start screen. Start is your new home base. You can open apps, both apps you install from the Windows Store and desktop apps, websites, contacts, and folders. Or, you can just glance at the tiles to get the latest headlines, updates, and info. Here are the quickest ways to return to Start: with touch, swipe the right edge of your screen, and then tap the Start charm; with a mouse, move the pointer into the lower-left corner; with a keyboard, press the Windows logo key. When Start appears, click in the corner.

2. Use the desktop

On Start, tap or click Desktop. If you’re using a keyboard, press the Windows logo key+D.

3. Open Control Panel.

There are a few different ways to find and change your settings: Control Panel, PC settings, and by searching. Many of the common settings were moved into PC settings, so try checking there first. Enter Control Panel in the search box, tap or click Apps, and then tap or click Control Panel in the results.

4. Open the Settings charm.

At the bottom, you can change the settings shown here: network connection, volume, brightness, notifications, power, and keyboard. Or you can tap or click Change PC settings for more options. Enter a word or phrase into the search box, and then select from the list of results on the left. What you’re looking for might be in either Apps or Settings, so check both options. They’re listed on the right under the search field.

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5. Get to Help and Support.

You can find help about Windows in general, or for specific apps.

When you’re using the desktop, you can find help about how to use Windows. Open the Search charm, enter Help, and then tap or click Help and Support.

When you’re on the Start screen, you can find help about rearranging and adding things to Start. Open the Settings charm, and then tap or click Help.

When you’re in an app, you can find out how to use and customize that app. Open the Settings charm, and then tap or click Help. Some apps might put help in other locations, so check the company’s website if you can’t find help in the Settings charm.

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