Thought I’d get up a quick first impressions of the Nexus 5. Bear in mind I’ve only had it for a few days and have yet to utilise the full features of the phone, camera etc. I’ll give this a good going over this weekend.

The phone itself is minimalistic and understated. But yet it’s one of the best looking and comfortable phones I’ve ever held in my hand. I also can’t believe how light it is. I was worried that they had left the battery out.

Pure Android 4.4 is gorgeous on the 1080p screen. The colours are vibrant and crisp and the icons really pop off the screen. Android 4.4 does everything well. I noticed immediately that the email app had been given the treatment and is now styled the same as the latest gmail app. Kudos to Google for bringing the same experience. Exchange email is a joy. As much as work email can be of course

. I also love the fact that when someone calls, the number is obviously run through the Google search engine. Last night I received a call and I had no idea who it could be from, a number that I didn’t recognise. The number was obviously searched in the background on the web and the name of the place calling me showed up. I’m impressed!

I like the fact that Google Now is a swipe to the right away. It sits on a screen to the left of the homescreen. In fact it’s probably almost over done as there are also Google Search bars at the top of every homescreen.

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The icons and transition effects have been given a makeover. I wouldn’t say that it’s a huge change or shift from Android 4.3, but it’s certainly enough to be noticed.

The phone’s speed is phenomenal. Lag is non-existent and the phone speeds through any action that you throw at it. You’d expect it to be fast if you consider the specs, but the vanilla Android really fine tunes this smartphone.

I’m shocked to see that Google have left out the ability to show your battery %. Tht might be a minor annoyance to most folks, but to me it’s a major. I want to make sure that there’s sufficient charge to see me through the day. With that in mind let’s discuss the battery. I’ve been using the phone today moderate to heavy usage. I’m currently at 36% at 8.30pm and the phone was at 100% at 6am this morning. So it will certainly see most folks through the day. Unless you watch copious amounts of Youtube or you play games till your eyes bleed.

The only other annoyance I can find so far is that I can’t select only contacts with phone numbers to be showed in the People (contacts) application. It’s a mess with all of my social account contacts from twitter etc. I’m hardly going to call a twitter user tag am I?

I’ll do a full review once I’ve had a chance to test everything. So far so good. The Nexus 5 is definitely a winner (at this stage). Might be worth popping down to a 2Degrees shop or Warehouse Stationary near you…

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